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Temporary Magnets

Every object that is touched, lifted, or moved by a magnet acts as a temporary magnet. The object in motion takes on the properties of the magnetized metal, such as when a paperclip touches a permanent magnet, it is now magnetized. Wood, glass, or plastics cannot become temporary magnets.

When the metal object is removed from the permanent magnet, it looses its magnetism, although occasionally it can retain weak magnetic properties.

Temporary magnets are used in telephones and electric motors, among other objects and electronics.

temporary magnets

In the above depiction, the bar magnet is touching the nail.  The nail has now become a temporary magnet.

The nail, however, is touching the first paper clip.  This first paper clip receives the same magnetic "charge" as the nail, and is also now magnetized.

As illustrated, the magnetic field continues down the chain through the second paper clip and the third.  If a fourth paper clip were to be added on the end of the third, it too would be magnetized.

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